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Apart from the Sun, the Moon is the most recognisable object in the sky. The Sun is often taken for granted, but the Moon has always been seen as an object of great beauty and mystery. Very few people are not moved by the Moon in the night sky – particularly a full Moon. The symbol for the Moon is the crescent, which is also the alchemic symbol for the soul. The Moon is the constantly changing reflection of the Sun; thus the soul is reflected in, and of, the spirit.

Many ancient civilizations revered the moon and followed her heavenly journey, honouring her 29 +1/2 day cycle as she chased, caught and fled from the sun each month. It was recognised that certain times of each month were more potent or better for beginnings, manifestations or endings. Hunting was done at particular phases of the moon and particular months were recognised as being more succesful than others. When hunting gave way to agriculture the same held true, with planting being undertaken at particular times during the moon's cycle.

This section is the domain of the Moon and, as in ancient times, provides a guide to the best times each month to plant and begin new ventures, or just become more in touch with nature and in so doing your own inner self. Happy gardening.


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Gardening by the moon Planting by moon phase and sign.
Jan - April 2014


2014 Moon Gardening

2014 Moon VOC

2014 Moon Phases

Moon and Fertility

Here you will find links to fertility, gardening,moon phases,moon void of course tables and much more lunacy .



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